Embedded Development

Parasoft C/C++test is an integrated development testing solution for C and C++. C++test enables organizations to reduce risks, cut costs, increase productivity, and achieve compliance.

C/C++test can be used in both host-based and target-based code analysis and test flows. It automates a broad range of software quality practices—including static code analysis, unit testing, code review, coverage analysis, runtime error detection and more.

For extremely quality-sensitive industries, such as avionics, medical, automobile, transportation, and industrial automation, integrating C/C++test with Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP) enables efficient and auditable quality processes with rich centralized statistical and historical data from diverse infrastructure components. DTP and C/C++test provides full bi-directional traceability to help you achieve your compliance goals with industry guidelines and standards.
Pre-configured settings on industry and regulatory standards enable teams to rapidly assess compliance without having to determine how the standards' requirements translate to code. The Parasoft solution provides templates for common regulatory compliance initiatives, including: