Dev/Test Environments in the Cloud

Development teams are often unable to test frequently enough due to a scarcity of test environments and long wait times accessing them. These delays have a material impact on the ability to release quality software on time.

Skytap provides SaaS-based dev/test environments to the enterprise. Their solution removes the inefficiencies and constraints that companies have within their software development lifecycle. As a result, customers release better software faster. Whether providing extra capacity for peak demand, or extending all the benefits of virtualized infrastructure beyond your datacenter, Skytap Cloud gives enterprises a fast, easy, and secure way to create complex computing environments in the cloud. In fact, Skytap Cloud is purpose-built for dynamic workloads including:

  • Development and Testing
  • Hybrid Cloud/IT
  • Virtual Training
  • Software Demos and Evaluations
  • Other Solutions

With Skytap Cloud, end users are empowered to create cloud-based virtual environments in seconds; run applications without code changes; and collaborate globally with an easy-to-use, powerful, self-service web interface. IT professionals gain complete visibility and control over cloud deployments, so they can ensure security and easily manage allocated capacity across teams and users.