Open Source Management

Black Duck helps you manage and control open source use while improving productivity, security and quality.

  • Manage and control use of multi-source code. Strengthen your installed development tools and manage multi-source code use throughout the software lifecycle. The Black Duck Suite streamlines search, selection, approval, validation and tracking of both externally sourced as well as internally developed software components across geographically dispersed organizations and complex software development supply chains.
  • Collaborate and inform. Provide developers, managers, security personnel, legal counsel and executives with timely information and a framework for collaboration. Dashboards, detailed reports, full licensing text and real-time alerts provide role-specific data views and increased visibility, promoting efficient coordination and communication.
  • Promote standardization & code re-use. Centralize and standardize with a comprehensive collection of re-usable open source and third-party code. Enable contributions to your internal catalog of approved code. Accelerate code vetting with an interactive framework that captures policies over time.
  • Ensure compliance. Use automated tools from Black Duck to assess your code, review licenses and report policy conflicts and compliance issues. Increase visibility and minimize risk.
  • Implement tools to automate the upfront approval process. Give legal counsels, compliance and security officers an automated process and access to reports that streamline approvals, increase efficiency and timeliness, making governance processes a software management best practice.
  • Empower engineering. Augment your existing software management tools and enable developers to select, control and manage open source code in full compliance with your company‚Äôs policies.