Release and Deployment Automation

Continuous Delivery is a software delivery practice that requires you to build and deploy software that can be released into production at any time. In order to satisfy this requirement, you need to continuously integrate the software changes from development, build, test and deploy the executables, and be ready to release into production, as the business requires it.

With Serena Deployment Automation, You can bridge the DevOps divide by simplifying and automating deployments. You can support continuous delivery and production deployments by seamlessly enabling deployment pipeline automation, reducing cycle times, and providing rapid feedback.

You will be able to deliver high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner:

  • Deployment time reduced by 90% and effort by 50%
  • End-to-end deployments in the cloud and on premise
  • Out-of-the-box integration with your entire DevOps toolchain
  • Developer self-service enablement