Service Virtualization

Parasoft Virtualize, an open automated service virtualization solution, creates, deploys, and manages simulated dev/test environments. It simulates the behavior of dependent applications that are still-evolving, difficult to access, or difficult to configure for development or testing—for example, databases, mainframes, ERPs, 3rd-party systems or services.

As you naturally exercise the application under test, Parasoft Virtualize can capture real system behavior and convert it into a simulated test environment—delivering anytime access. It can capture the behavior of databases, messaging queues, middleware, mainframes, ERPs, ESBs, legacy systems, native system calls, and more. Additionally, you can automatically generate virtual assets from definition files or transaction logs.

The Environment Manager component of Virtualize provides visualization and control of the complete system under test—including all application dependencies. With role-based access, users can review, access, and provision complex test environments in seconds from an intuitive interface. Automated analysis of environment health helps the team proactively identify test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of your test results.

With Parasoft Virtualize, teams reduce the complexity and the costs of managing application development and test environments while providing comprehensive access to developers, testers, and partners.