Test Case Generation and Optimization

Conformiq Creator, automatic test design software, generates executable test cases, scripts and documentation from models. Creator is designed to automate functional, application, system, and end-to-end testing. This product requires no programming experience.

Model Based Testing (MBT) addresses the growing demands on test design. Testing is more than just test cases; it also involves integration with the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) process. The most advanced approach models the behavior of the system under test from requirements and then with user selected test design heuristics, fully automatically generates the optimized number of test cases, documentation, and executable scripts. Conformiq Creator is the most completely automated test design tool, making it the most technically capable MBT tool for function black-box test design of enterprise and IT applications, including web services, user interfaces, middleware and end-to-end systems.


  • Manually designing and maintaining test cases
  • Manually writing executable test scripts
  • Manually maintaining requirement traceability
  • Manually writing and updating test documentation
  • Manually managing test automation backlog
  • Manually transferring information between SDLC tools

Automatic test design is 2 to 20 times faster than manual script design and the ROI can be up to 400%