Test Script Generation

Conformiq Transformer shortens the path to test automation, simplifies model-based testing (MBT) adoption using existing methods and automates manual test execution. Along with Conformiq Creator, which generates executable test cases, scripts and documentation from models, it automates and transforms test design.

Conformiq Tranformer:

  • Automates the execution of new and existing tests, improving the productivity of the entire QA organization
  • Automates test execution by extending industry standard test automation tools, including existing and open source test execution tools
  • Transforms manual tests into automatically executable tests

Why Conformiq Transformer?

  • Eliminate scripting as you know it, automating test execution without programming, for both new and existing test cases
  • Use existing recordings and test cases to automate model creation for Conformiq Creator, combining the benefits of MBT with scripter-less test automation
  • Deliver a consolidate view of automated test case design creation, execution management and validation